Black Tiger Deck - B/W


CDN $12.95


A deck of Bicycle Cards that screams HIGH IMPACT. The deck is super-hot and has been long awaited from all corners of the world. It allows a great range of card effects and voodoo-like transformations from an average red or blue backed deck of Bicycles.

Normal Bicycle Playing Cards in every way except reverse negative imaged - even the box.

Thick luxurious stock - long lasting. Special finish makes fanning almost dreamlike... you won't believe it. UV Black Light sensitive... put them under a black light and watch them GLOW. Bone-crushing tiger quality - feels so good in your hands. Loyal and true in demanding performances. Have you ever seen a new deck from Bicycle? How about a snarling Tiger on the front, let alone black, let alone a reverse image of every card?

Color Changes can be TRULY eye-grabbing! Why stop at a ONE card? Color change the whole deck. Create effects using fire and burned cards. Flourishes look incredible using our Bicycle Black Deck... just ask De'vo the underground flourish legend and Jerry the Flourishman - they LOVE them.

Be the first to stand out from the rest! Get a Black Deck now.

What People Are Saying:

"The Tiger Deck seems to double the reactions for me." - Micah Stanley, North Carolina, USA.

"You have no idea what kind of attention you can attract until you've stood around flourishing with a deck of Black Tigers." - Ryan Macy, Manhattan, KS., USA.

"These decks are a threat to be reckoned with! A card manipulator's dream, and a scary feel to them to boot!" - Brent Adams, Alexandria, IN., USA

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