Halloween Costumes and Supplies

No Refunds on any Halloween costumes or accessories. Please note due to the fast selling of items at or near Halloween it is impossible to keep the website up to date, although we do our best. You can place an order and it will only be processed IN STORE AND NOT ONLINE until we make sure it is in stock, if it is not instock we will call you.

You may send us an email or phone call just to be sure. We will process your order same day, usually within 1 hour of you placing the order and get back to you with your order status

  • Save 4%
Rainbow Country Clown Hat with Hair
CDN $26.00 CDN $24.99
  • Save 13%
Morph Suit - Alien
CDN $74.99 CDN $65.00
  • Save 13%
Blood Lust Mask - Latex
CDN $159.99 CDN $139.99
  • Save 40%
Fog machine
CDN $100.00 CDN $59.99
  • Save 8%
Skeleton Bucket Fogger 11"
CDN $59.99 CDN $55.00
  • Save 33%
Coffin 6Ft - Cardboard
CDN $45.00 CDN $29.99
  • Save 5%
Giggles the Clown - Costume complete
CDN $275.00 CDN $259.99