Ninja 1 - DVD


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To do powerful magic you have to make magic look real.

With Brad Christianson

Within Ninja, you are shown the secrets to create powerful effects that only a small number of people even know about or do.

The techniques in Ninja-1 takes years to amass.

This video is years of searching and studying packed into it. I wish I could have come across my own video 20 years ago.

I learned this stuff from great, great older magicians or from scouring super old, dusty books for hours, weeks - years. I trained with Slydini in New York for I don't know how long - sitting at his little kitchen table with him watching me, over and over yelling at me, "that's not-a da WAY ya DO it!" (Gotta take your lumps.)

If you want a tip that will improve your magic ten-fold right now.... slow down every single thing you do 80% - especially flourishes. I see a ton of video on the net and every last one of you go way, WAY too fast. Did you know that even the pass doesn't need to be done fast? That's one of the myths we crush in Ninja.)

What is included in Ninja?

  • Advanced Four Aces - Both my bulletproof versions of cutting to the four aces.

    Use these blistering hot routines one right after the other and you will find out why your reputation as a card master is signed, sealed and hand-delivered. (But no one will play cards with you again.)

    I never do anything hard, if it can be done easy.... you'll find a lot of that kind of stuff in this package.

    In the Vegas Routine, basically you do a bunch of semi-hard stuff first (and stuff that just looks hard) like the pass and triple cuts and pulling the aces out of nowhere, and then show them (yes, you actually show them) how the pass is done (but you're doing magic with it the whole time!)..... they freak out over that so when you pull out the easier stuff later and TELL them it's hard they don't question you. No one EVER questions you after the opening stuff.

    Vegas Cheat is meant to be done with spectators eyes blazing into your hands, as YOU show them the brutally casual misdirection that card sharks use during a game. You show them the illusion that the card shark creates at the card table... using his natural motions to camouflage his moves.

    That's what magic IS, is creating an illusion. Ninja does that like NO other.

    The Pass in "Stealth" Mode -

    This DVD will teach you how to learn the pass fast and easily. (It's not an easy move, you don't want to make it harder.)

    Then use stunning, guarded techniques to "cloak" your pass and make it invisible. This is the guarded stuff that you haven't been able to find anywhere....

    You will literally put your pass into "stealth mode" so that it doesn't show up on people's radar. They can stare at your hands dead on and not see a thing.

    The methods WORK. See it for yourself — I've got kids 14 years old putting home videos of themselves up in our Ninja Forum (a benefit of owning Ninja-1 is belonging to what many refer to as the most helpful Forum on the net, exclusively for Ninja-1 owners) — and doing it beautifully.

    You will get four techniques to make the pass invisible - including one handed down to me long ago - the best I've ever used — which can be done slowly and casually. (I am finally going to make this available, taught step-by-step. This alone is worth the cost of the first series.)

    I don't care who you are, if you do the beautiful Ambitious Card Effect - you use the double lift too much. I'll show you how to replace some of the double lifts with a pass that is invisible, and bring your routine to pure magic art work.

    Several ways to make a card appear hopelessly lost in the deck - yet maintain control easily.

    Several easy but beautiful triple cuts - two of which are done standing up and are ideal for street magic. Your desired card will be in total control.

    The super hot bullet deal... Make cards rip off the top of the deck using one hand.

    You will also get the "one handed pass" that's driving everyone so nuts... I'll tell you why these people have been fooled by misdirection alone... that's the power of the Vegas routine. In part, the whole routine is simply a build up — for this one move that slays people in their seat. And guess what? Compared to the pass, the "one-handed" pass is EASY.

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