Three Card Prince by Harry Anderson


CDN $84.99


Harry Anderson's Three Card Monarch is one of the best versions of Three Card Monte ever. The routine is great. If you work a lot of big shows, the effect can't be beat. However, it is a little large for club dates and parlor shows! So, after much thought and consideration we decided to produce a smaller version of Harry's Three Card Monarch, Three Card Prince! The effect is exactly the same as Three Card Monarch. Only the cards are smaller. They measure just a little over 12" x 16". So, they can be handled by the average size performer in the average club or parlor show. They are still beautifully silk screened in 4 colors on heavy plastic. And the effect is still massive!

Each set of cards comes with Harry's own fast-paced, clever routine that'll leave 'em begging for more. If you always wanted to perform Three Card Monarch, but thought it was just too big, here's your chance. This is a very special routine; done with very special cards; developed by a very special guy.