Trick Sharpie - Ellusionist


CDN $9.99


You MUST have this and we'll tell you why. Some things, you don't know why they work but they simply do.

When we came out with this as a promotion last year we knew that mangling the Sharpie logo into a playing card reveal was a good idea, but we didn't know HOW good.

You'll thank us for coming out with this. A genuine Sharpie, with ONE difference.

Pick up one, or three, today.

Note: You must know how to force a card in order to use this product.

 You finish your Ambitious Card and they are still holding the Sharpie. Let a minute of two pass by so they fully absorb that final move. They're still talking about it. Then you go, "Oh, sometimes the card becomes so powerful it actually transfers itself.... look.". And slowly pull the Sharpie out of their hand, revealing the print at the same time.

- In Wayne Houchin's Stigmata the spectator writes on a small square of paper with a Sharpie.... have it be a previously selected card they write (instead of a person), then after the Stigmata Reveal of the card on your arm, perform the SAME THING ON THE SHARPIE.

- Keep the Sharpie in your pocket and use it normally as you always do. Sometime, somewhere, the spectator is simply going to pick the 6C. Imagine what you can do when this happens and you know you've got the Sharpie in your pocket.