Black Tiger Gaffed Deck

Comes with a FREE Black Tiger BLOOD deck


CDN $36.99


It's the ultimate resource for Black Tiger Deck owners the pinnacle of innovative routines for using the Black Deck. The Black Tiger Gaff Deck features an entire deck of specially designed cards custom-made for use in routines and effects. Each card was designed with a specific use in mind, but the possibilities are undeniably endless.

The Bicycle Black Tiger Deck has become the choice for many magicians who want to make sure that people stand up and take notice of the magic they perform. For 4 months the Ellusionist team has worked on creating cards that could ENHANCE the usefulness of your Black Tiger Deck ”they have created much more.

The Black Tiger Gaff Deck contains 56 unique cards that have the same high quality look and feel as the original deck, including the new UV500 finish that makes the deck feel so good in your hands. The Gaff cards are made from the same stock and finish as the original deck so that these cards will fit seamlessly in with your regular Black Deck.

Here is a small list of just some of the cards available:

  • Double-Faces
  • Double-Backs
  • Different color backs
  • Artistic concept cards
  • Blank Faces and Blank Backs
  • and much much more...
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