My Night with a Stripper 2 DVD set (Deck NOT Included)


CDN $59.99


The cover is a little racey but this deck of cards is HOT!!

No worries if someone finds this in your room because it is a 2 DVD set with over 3 hours of material on uses for the classic Stripper Deck (NOT INCLUDED "My Night with a Stripper" DVD's will change the way you think about working with the gaffed deck. Many amateurs throw this deck in the drawer and forget about it after they know the basics. Pros know that there are many subtle and diabolical uses for the Stripper Deck. The best part is that you can perform regular cards tricks with this deck and then use the "Stripper" part of the deck to your advantage at anytime.

Learn moves, controls, tips and tricks with this amazing deck!

You'll learn these hard hitting tricks and more:

Card to box
Color Separation
Pocket Puzzler
The Smart Smeller
Gambler's Aces
Cleanest Double
Deck Camouflage
Mixed up Miracle
An Oddity
The Stabbed Deck
And Call it
Snap Up Reveal
Coin Incidence
Odds and Evens
A Weird Reversal
Side Steal Color Change
High Card Cut Cheat
And much, much, much (did we say much) more!

"My Night with a Stripper" Combo Pack is the last DVD you'll need to rock people's worlds with hard hitting card magic. Use your own Stripper deck

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