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Scotch and Soda - Canadian

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Our most popular coin effect- and for good reason!

Place a Canadian 50 Cent Piece and a Loonie (a copper color coin) in a spectator's hand. Close their hand, reach in and remove the 50 Cent piece. Now "invisibly" remove the Loonie. Of course, the spectator will insist that the Loonie is still in their closed hand, but when they open it, the loonie has, in fact vanished- and has changed to an Toonie!

Many different tricks can be performed with this coin set. Completely mechanical and quality made.

Comes with instructions, gimmicked coin set (you supply the Toonie ) and Bang Ring for resetting the coins. For more instruction on the handling and routines for this coin set, see Scotch and Soda Book and 25 Tricks With Scotch and Soda DVD.

Lost your Bang Ring? We also carry the replacement Bang Rings

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