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Superman Coin Bender

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IMAGINE: You walk up to a group of spectators and borrow a coin. With no switches, the coin is signed. No funny moves. The signed coin is placed in your hands. You lift your arms up to eye level, and then roll up your sleeves to show that you're clean. Eerily, slowly, impossibly, they see THEIR signed, borrowed coin bend with an extreme curve.

Immediately, with no hesitation, you let the coin fall into their hands for full, complete examination. Unless you're performing for Chuck Norris*, they won't be able to bend the coin a single bit. Use a quarter, dime, penny, half-dollar-- anything.

* Did you know that Chuck Norris can bend coins by shouting at them?

Let the spectator keep the coin-- let them take it home as a souvenir. They'll remember you for years to come.

A mind-blowing, brilliant release by Roy Kueppers that will allow you to fool YOURSELF when performing it in the mirror.

Our highest recommendation. See user reviews.

Is it difficult? - Not the least bit. Full instructions are included with purchase, partly written by Chris Schuh of Team Ellusionist. No stone is left unturned-- learn everything you need to know quickly and easily. Any man can be a Superman-- all it takes is this effect (and a few hundred trips to the gym).

Do I need sleeves? - No, it can be done with or without sleeves.

Do I end clean?- It depends on the technique you choose to perform Superman. There is a method (as seen in the preview to the left) where clean up is INSTANT.

Can I borrow the coin?- YES. That's the power of SUPERMAN. Be sure to have it initialed too. It truly is the same coin that gets bent at your fingertips.

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