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DID You Know

by Brent Smith

Articles and Info about our shop


DID YOU KNOW .....The Owner of the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop is a PROFESSIONAL Magician?? Brent Smith has been in magic since the age of 7 and really knows his stuff. Currently Brent does 4 birthdays on Saturdays and 6 on Sundays. He also works in the restaurants during the week performing magic at people's tables
DID YOU KNOW........we have a number of items that SHIP FOR FREE like most DVD's. Have a look under the category FREE SHIPPING items for the exact items that ship for free. Items are being added all the time !!! If you order DVD's from us and you want FREE SHIPPING we will take them out of the DVD case and only send the wrapper and DVD.
DID YOU KNOW.......we have a Flat Rate shipping fee of $13.99 no matter what you buy and any order OVER $100.00 we will pick up the first $13.99 of the shipping cost.
DID YOU KNOW....... that if your from Ontario or BC that by law I have to charge you the proper provincial tax for your province? BUT if you make an account and have a total of $250.00 of purchases under your account Ill pay your provincial tax and only add Alberta tax to your order!!
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