on any SINGLE DVD NOT exceeding 1/2 inch thickness. DVD's ONLY
DVD's with Product VOID with this offer


ALL DVDS have been opened and disks have been taped prior to shipping as to keep dvd's from being dislodged and scratched during shipping.

We accept NO responsibility, exchanges or refunds for any DVD which have been requested NOT to be opened by Customer. In such cases, will be your complaint department. :)

If you do NOT want your DVD opened and secured, just say so in the comments box at the end of your order.

  • Save 8%
BALLS by Rand Woodbury
CDN $39.99 CDN $36.99
  • Save 17%
Ultra Gaffed Deck Pack Deck and DVD's
CDN $119.99 CDN $99.99
  • Save 9%
INNOCENT by Secret of Magic - DVD
CDN $44.00 CDN $39.99