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The Expert at the Card Table DVD set

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Erdnase, The Expert at the Card Table, is considered the bible by many card experts.

The problem to date is that the material is both difficult to understand and, for most, almost impossible to execute. Magicians have been crying for someone to show them exactly how the moves should look and, more importantly, how to perform them correctly. Thankfully, today is the day! Underground card expert, Wesley James, is finally releasing the real work on Erdnase, and so much more!

On this seven DVD set you will not only see everything from the book, but also learn to perfect it from a master teacher. In addition, Wesley gives you his own handlings and insights on the moves; with co-host, Simon Lovell, he will guide you step by step through the ground-breaking text that made Erdnase a legend. Esteemed sleight-of-hand artiste, Wesley James, is proud to release the full details...

It's all HERE!!!!!

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