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Hands up to Reading 2 DVD set - Tommy James

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For the Serious School Show Performer

With your initial investment you receive the complete
performing rights to take, perform, market this
program and literally make TENS of thousands of
dollars each year performing
"Hands UP to Reading"
in schools and libraries.

This is Tommy's BIGGEST money maker!
The theme of the show is dedicated to the iconic
children's author of the 20th century making this
a super easy decision for educators booking
school assemblies.

This TWO DVD set includes:Disc #1: The full 45 minute performance taped in front of over 300 elementary school students.

Disc #2: The second DVD includes full explanations for all the routines in the live performance as well as tips on how to make some of the props utilized in the show.
Musical Opener: A "Seussical" opening routine which sets the stage for the entire performance. High energy and magical!
READ Flash Cards: A quick routine designed to get the audience responding from the start. Perfect for any reading show.
Off the Meter: Axtell's noise meter to get the energy flowing!
Library Card Monte: A commercial routine where a jumbo playing card turns into a library card.
Bob the Bookworm: Tommy's personal touch on this routine with some antics you won't want to miss!
Tortoise & the Hare: An engaging, hilarious routine using two student volunteers. Great magic with a message!
Hippy Hop Things: A twist on a classic children's effect.
The GREAT Egg Trick: Another edge-of-your-seat routine with two student helpers. Total suspense and one of Tommy's favorites!
The Doctor's Message: Another magical effect with an inspiring message from the famous author.
Readers Oath: The entire student body stands, raises their hands and takes the oath to read each and every day.
Ribbons of Truth: A student is invited on stage to test the oath taken above. Ribbons magically pass right thru the student's body!
Library Rabbit Production: The performance ends with a production of a live bunny from one of Tommy's own inventions. The perfect ending for any reading themed performance. The kids go nuts!A complete show that is super fun to perform, in demand and will put you head to head with your competition!
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