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New Comedy Routines for Magic - Greg Otto DVD

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Greg is a full time pro whose performances have taken him to over 60 countries on five continents. George Carlin said about Greg, "This guy's f****ng funny!" Some testimony. In a moment of weakness I convinced him to share his "Comedy & Magic" act with us, all of it - not just the effects - all of the gags, jokes, and bits of business that make those effects memorable. A couple of bits have already gone into my own show, thanks Greg!

This is Greg Otto's "packs very small, plays big can be done under virtually any conditions" act. An act that can be done for practically any size of audience. The TORN & RESTORED BILL is his very funny, rapid fire, opening routine, which ends in a couple of great sight gags, that can be used in other money tricks too. His method for CARD TO FLY is amazing in its simplicity, and the effect on an audience and unbelievably strong. Like the bill trick, there are gags in this routine that can be applied to almost any other card effects.

Greg likes to end a trick with a laugh and his CUT AND RESTORED ROPE routine does just that. You will mine a plethora of adaptable material in this easy to do triple restoration. Also on the disk are his performances and explanations for the HIMBER RING - M. O. A. B. - BALOON ANIMALS (sort of) and more. The DVD concludes with Greg's no gaff ADD-A-NUMBER (the method flew by both me and John Carney...)

After the performance Greg sits down with me and discusses his methods and the thoughts behind them - with nothing held back! Believe Leonardo da Vinci who said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!" Greg's material has that in spades! He will teach you his super easy methods, strong effects, and hilarious presentations, which are the keys for creating an unforgettable entertainment experience for your audience.

You probably know how to do the tricks, now learn to present them in a memorable way!

Martin Lewis

He has performed at schools, amusements parks, college campuses, comedy clubs, cruise ships, strip joints, conventions, trade shows, corporate events & casinos. Here is his packs very small, plays big, can be done under virtually any conditions act.

Greg's very funny routine ends with a couple of great follow up sight gags.

Not just a trick, this is a lesson in comedy presentation. 5 minutes of solid laughs with a strong magical ending.

Nothing difficult, just lots of fun with a funny throwaway finish.

Greg's very clean method makes a strong closer.

Also routines for HIMBER RINGS - MOAB - BALOON ANIMALS (sort of) and more...

Running Time Approximately 60min

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