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Blood capsules

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Create a bloody scene for theatre, film, special effects or fun with the Liquid Blood Capsules.

Each capsule can be bitten for realistic bleeding!

To use the Liquid Blood Capsules, place in the mouth and bite down.

Then discard the gel capsule (swallowing is not recommended!) and act out a scene with a mouth injury or cut lip.

Use of the capsules is recommended for people aged 8 years and over. As with all cosmetics, some people may have instances of sensitivity.

The Liquid Blood Capsules are ideal for creating a realistic theatrical scene.

Liquid Blood Capsules Features:

• 6x Liquid Blood Capsules per pack
• Made in the U.S.A.
• Looks like real blood
• Simulate a mouth injury
• Create a theatrical scene by bleeding from the mouth
• Capsules are made of gel
• Ingredients are recognised as safe
• May stain skin, clothes and other surfaces
• Water washable
• Suitable for age 8 years and up
• Size: Liquid Blood Capsules (each) L 2.9cm x D 0.9cm

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