Illusion building and Plans $CDN

You handy guy?? Want to try and build your own Illusions? Its a lot harder than you think. I was taught to buy the best or get someone to build it for you. If your going to charge top dollar your show it has to look slick, new and professional. You can not charge top dollar for your show when your show looks home made...

Books and blue prints

  • Save 8%
Illusionary Departures by JC Sum - Book
CDN $128.80 CDN $119.00
  • Save 14%
Populate by Mark Parker - book
CDN $40.66 CDN $34.99
  • Save 13%
Illusion Systems #1 book Paul Osborne
CDN $54.23 CDN $46.99
  • Save 6%
Classic Illusions Book#2
CDN $47.74 CDN $45.00
  • Save 6%
Classic Illusions Book#3
CDN $47.74 CDN $45.00
  • Save 10%
Haunted Illusions Book
CDN $72.00 CDN $65.00