July 2nd Celebrations

by Brent Smith

NOON - 2 pm - Jamming, chatting, visiting
Mike Berends Lecturing at 3 pm
Shopping spree Draw at 4 pm

Come join us for Pizza and POP during the day

Magic show 7:30 pm at Winston heights community Center NORTH HALL in the evening. Subject to change without notice

Drawing for the shopping spree will be held on July 2nd at The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop •

There will be ONE winner for a 1 Minute shopping spree at The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop •

There will be 5 winners of (1) $25 VR gift card.

1. Shopping Spree is for a designated time ONLY. (1 minute). A designated magician and a VR representative from The Magic Shop will monitor time.
2. Shopping Spree Shopper must be 18 years or older and sign a release absolving The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop of any liability.
3. Person must be in attendance at the Magic Shop when the name is drawn.
4. Only ONE person can participate in the Spree and can not be transferred.
5. Shopper IS allowed to tour the store prior to the Spree.
6. Spree winner will start outside the front door. Only ONE Item can be selected at a time and placed into the waiting Box. Should the Box become full, the Spree Winner must return to the back of the store to retrieve another empty box.
7. A 30-second, 15 Second and a countdown from 10-seconds will be announced. At "0" the Spree Winner must stop drop whatever is in their hands and proceed to till Counter.
8. A designated VR Helper or employee will review items. Any duplicates items of a category will be disqualified from the Spree Winnings and removed from Box.
9. The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during the Shopping Spree.
10. Spree Winner may not run.
11. Items on top shelves MUST require a ladder and the ladder must be put away after each item. 12. Spree'er cannot knock items off shelves but must be picked up with hands
13. Shopper is responsible for any damage to merchandise or equipment during the course of the shopping spree.
14. Winner must be a friend on Facebook/vanishingrabbitmagic
16. Winner must be on our newsletter
17. Skill test question must be answered
18. Limitations • No Posters • No items from backroom or consignment items
19 Only one of each SKU number is permitted.
20.There are no relay teams or helpers.


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