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Colossal Blizzard Trick and DVD - Penguin magic

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Colossal Blizzard
by Anthony Miller
From the brilliant CREATOR of Hip Pocket Mullica comes an effect you're gonna love...
A spectator selects a color, a suit, and a number... The selected card is the only card with a FACE in a blank-faced deck of cards!

  • Self-contained. Only 52 cards are used.
  • No deck switches!
  • No gimmicked cards!
  • No difficult sleights!
  • Just great magic!

Professional card magician Oz Pearlman teaches every move step-by-step in this detailed DVD.

Setup requires a regular deck and a blank face deck of the same brand (not included).

Performance concepts by Kenton Knepper, Bob Farmer and Dean Dill. Featuring advanced handling by Luke Jermay.

Running Time Approximately 32min

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