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Murphy's Chest - Bazar de Magia

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The magician reminds the audience of Murphy's law, that if something can go wrong it will. For example, the magician continues, when you want to open a door or a drawer, the key that will open the lock will always be the last one you try. Why?, who knows, just Murphy's law in action. To demonstrate this principle, the magician shows a fancy wooden chest and five keys. He lets a spectator use one of the keys in order to show that this one opens the chest, and proceeds to mix that key along with the other 4 in a transparent glass tumbler. Then, four spectators each freely select a key, leaving only one in the glass. Each spectator tries his or her key, and they discover that their keys don't open the chest. Finally the last spectator tries the last key only to find that this one is the right one. Everything can be examined!!

  • Magician Never Touches The Chest Or The Keys
  • No Key Switches
  • Includes Beautifully Hand-Made Wooden Chest, Measuring 5 1/2" by 4" by 8", 5 Keys, 2 Extra Keys, Cloth Bag To Carry the Chest and Complete Instruction Booklet
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