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Mismade Canadian Flag

Canada is 150 this year

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5 quality silks, flags are 23 by 15 inches!

With the help of a volunteer, the magician says that a Canadian flag will be created using a couple of pieces of silk and some magic. A red and a white silk are placed into a bag with a handle, the magic words, O Canada are said, but when the flag is produced, it is just 2 red bars and a white center bar. The magician realizes they have forgotten something, places the flag back into the bag and adds a maple leaf. Again the magic words are said, but this time when the flag is produced, all the elements are there but the colours are reversed. The magician again places the flag into the bag along with a little invisible magic Woofle Dust. The magic words are said and this time a proper Canadian flag is produced.

Everything is provided except the production bag.
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