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Army of 52 Gaffed Deck AND DVD

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Throughout the years a number of card effects have been created and performed by many top professionals around the world, and without a doubt one the most popular ever performed is "The Ambitious Card." A card is selected, signed and placed into the middle of the deck, then without any additional movements the selected card rises to the top. But where do you go from there? The effect needs to keep progressing to a more visual and more impossible outcome.

The Ultra Gaffed decks is 52 playing cards imagined from the minds of Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. Their goal, to build miracles that haven't seen the light of day. You've never held in your hands gaffed playing cards of this quality.

But what is a 'gaffed' deck, you ask? Simply, these are cards that fit quietly with your normal red Bicycle deck that allow you to perform miracles you could never otherwise do.

This is a GREAT packaged deal with the Army of 52 DVD

This DVD will teach you tricks to do with your Gaffed Deck.

Here are the features

  • Features close-up pro Justin Miller with Brad Christian
  • Teaches sleights, moves, and rare tricks with a gaff deck
  • Proves why gaff cards are so effective in real performance
  • Entertaining, cutting-edge DVD... tricks taught step by step Brad Christian shares his ideas for the new RED GAFF deck


  • Pip Matrix Performance
  • Split-7- Performance
  • Captain Blur Performance
  • Stranger Card Performance
  • DG Spade Orama Performance
  • Colt 45 Pip Switch Performance
  • Ink Flow Performance
  • Mini Deck Performance
  • Audience Management 101


  • Learn It Section - Play All
  • Stranger Card - Learn It
  • Mirror Image - Learn It
  • Pip Matrix - Learn It
  • Diamond Card Spin - Learn It
  • 4 Aces Flapping - Learn It
  • DG Spade Orama - Learn It
  • Cpt. Blur - Learn It
  • Negative Erdnase - Learn It
  • Ambitious Black - Learn It
  • Colt 45 Pip Switch - Learn It
  • Diamond Pip Move - Learn It
  • Coffin Card - Learn It
  • Jeweler's Dozen - Learn It
  • Color Suck - Learn It
  • Queen Transmit - Learn It
  • Ink Flow - Learn It
  • A few examples of tricks in ARMY:

    STRANGER CARD: The performer places a BLUE backed prediction card in the spectator's hand, face down. Another spectator takes any card out of the RED backed deck, and he signs it. The card is put back into the deck. With no funny moves, the prediction card is then slowly, slowly turned over to reveal the spectator's SIGNED, selected card-- now with a BLUE back. What the...?!

    PIP MATRIX: Cause the pips (suit symbols) to visually move around the selected card-- culminating with all of the pips jumping to one corner of the card.

    CAPTAIN BLUR: Hold complete control of your spectator's senses. Their chosen card appears to literally go out of focus at your will.

    ... and tons more.


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