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Black Tiger-Stripper

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There are two kinds of magicians in the world those that like the stripper deck and those that don't. But a good magician knows when to use the appropriate tool. In real life, we have certain laws laid out by nature which all matter must respect. And since childhood one gets used to watching these phenomena and over a period of time it becomes commonplace. An example would be someone living in a holiday resort. While for most it's exciting to visit resorts, but someone who is born there may not find it as exciting as someone coming from a city. It's human tendency to want more and never get satisfied with what we have. A magician's task is to use these laws of nature and manipulate them in such a combination that to an ordinary person it looks something supernatural.

The Stripper deck is one of the most underrated and least talked about "concepts" in magic. Note that I used the word "concept" and not "deck". One must remember that the goal of a magician is to create an environment of disbelief for the spectator. This is the end result. You are doing magic to please your audience, not to please your ego. If there is any device that allows you to create a level of abstraction over the laws of nature to create something unnatural, that is all we need.

It is hard to imagine a magician who doesn't know about the stripper deck. Yet there are very few people who realize that it is one of the most diabolical concepts ever conceived in the psychology of magic. When most magicians learn about the concept, they often think it's childish and refute it saying that real magicians never use them.

These "real" magicians fail to realize that the same things that they achieve through slights can be achieved in a more clean fashion with a stripper deck. It's a very old quotation that being complicated just for the sake of it is a fool's trick. This is not to say that one does not learn sleights, just that one must respect the genius of the stripper deck. Letting your audience pick a card from spread out cards on the table, putting it back wherever they want, squaring up the deck themselves and then shuffling it with their own hands, and then the magic happening is much more satisfying for the audience than all these things happening in your hands with all the funny sleights. It gives the audience a much cleaner sense of things and least to suspect. And after that when you do show them the magic they have no questions to ask. They freely chose the card, they put it back while the deck was in their own hands and they shuffled it. There is no explanation for this. IT IS MAGIC.

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