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M5 Micro Pro PK Kit

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Make matches stand in a spectator`s hand, stop watches, move objects with your mind and much more! The Pro PK Kit contains the thinnest and most powerful magnet available-the Micro 5 PK magnet. Thin enough to conceal on your wrist or under a coat, yet strong enough to penetrate the thickest hands and tables. You also get the PK Book with over 70 routines and tips, a manuscript of additional routines, plus 2 brass rings, 2 copper-plated steel pennies, Shim Shell Coin, Shimming supplies and a custom wrist strap.There is no end to the strong magic that can be created with the Pro PK Kit.

Effects in this book should only be done with the original. Make sure that your magic dealer provides you with a genuine P.K. Factor." -Patrick Snowden

Introducing the P.K. Pro Kit with over 80 Pounds of Pull!


  • (1) P.K. Neodynium Gimick 2"x2"
  • (1) P.K. Hollow Deck
  • (1) P.K. Factor Book by Patrick Snowden
  • (1) P.K. Concealment Roll (2) P.K. "Brass" Rings
  • (1) P.K. Card Shim
  • (4) Special Sized Nails
  • (12) Straws
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