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Visual Sawing in Half with Power Saw

Good to Very good condition

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For over half a century great magicians have made reputations with the illusion of sawing a woman in half. There have been many methods, all with strengths and weaknesses but with this model all the drawbacks are eliminated. It is very easy to use and portable. You can use any assistant from the audience or your own assistant.

After the person lies down on a table, their middle is covered with a frame. You now start a menacing jigsaw, saw a few pieces of wood and then run it, visibly through the frame and her/his body. If you use a person from the audience they will wonder if they survived. With the noise and excitement of this forceful effect, they aren't sure until it is over. You may perform this illusion under all conditions, up close and surrounded. Everything you need is included except the volunteer.

Our model has some definite improvements. First of all it is laminated with Formica and built much stronger than any model on the market today. The saw does not have to be fumbled with to trigger the gimmick. The resetting is much easier. I can't tell you how, without exposing the secret but is a definite improvement over the other models now available. You can build a reputation with this deceptive illusion, one of the best ever created.

CONDITION: Good to VERY GOOD, small paint chips but nothing noticeable from platform or stage - NOT the one in the video

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