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Kids Think It's Funny by Greg McMahan

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Greg McMahon is one of the true professionals in magic and clowning. He's now revealing some of his best kid-show material in his new book, KIDS THINK IT'S FUNNY. In 27 unique and entertaining chapters, Greg teaches hilarious gags and routines to make you funnier than ever to your kid-show audiences! His tips on how to make a small show look big or his chapter on top hat juggling or his Rocky the Raccoon routines are easily worth much more than the price of the entire book.


The Value of Repeating Material

What Makes a Good Website

Ideas for Organizing Your Show Case

How to Make a Great First Impression

Entertain While Setting Up

Make a Small Show Look Look Big

Getting the Audience on Your Side

15-minute Opening Routine (Thumbtip and wand)

Pop-Away Wand Ideas

Running Gags

The Monkey Bar

Professor's Nightmare (Very different routine!)

Shoelace Magic (Rope routine kids identify with)

Four Great Sponge Ball Routines

Using and Teaching Scarf Juggling

Top Hat Juggling (Remove bunny before attempting!)

Rubber Chicken from Canon (A strange routine, but funny!)

Nothing Grinder

One Hundred Balloons an Hour

Balloonology Seminar

Rocky Raccoon Routines (15 pages of ideas!) Greg has packed all of this into a neat book of 106 pages with a full-color cover.

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