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Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop - About US

This website is for product information only and some items may not be instock at time or ordering.

To ensure accuracy please call us at 403 230-0810

The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop is the largest dedicated Magic shop in Western Canada and not only an online full order magic business but a Retail Brick and Mortar Magic Shop, and a base for many magicians. We are open to the public Tuesday to Saturday. We can provide you with advice that may be hard to find online and if you ask our advice we expect you to purchase from us.

We supply magic to many Professional magicians around the world and because of our expertise and long lasting career in Magic, they trust our opinion when it comes to recommending appropriate tricks and effects. As a regular customer of the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop you will have access to our advice, opinion, expertise, Help Line and the use of our information so whatever you are not sure of, then please feel free to ask!

Take your Magic to another level, join the Professionals and shop with The Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop today. This year is our 17th Year in Business, located in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We have Award winning magicians working everyday in the shop and are Highly Trained, Good Looking, Friendly, and Very knowledgeable about Everything related to Magic.

Here's some Helpful Information Please be very careful in your purchases of Magic from us. Like with EVERY quality Magic Shop in the World ......A valuable part of every Magic Trick is the SECRET and due to the secrecy involved in Magic, once the SECRET has been exposed and learned, we can not give ANY refunds or exchanges on tricks, books or DVD's. However, any effect found faulty in materials or workmanship will be replaced upon return of the faulty item at the cost to the Customer. (Some conditions apply, ALL SHIPMENTS INSPECTED PRIOR TO SHIPPING) That's where I come in.....If you have any questions call me, ask questions ...I will answer them to the best of my ability.

METHODS OF PAYMENT Payment must be made first. We accept Visa or postal Money Order, Cashier's Check, Bank Check or the like through the mail, by phone, or by FAX. Just include the information listed under CREDIT CARDS. NEVER SEND CASH through the mail. We also accept Paypal (Paypal user fees appy) The minimum order is $10.00 CREDIT CARDS We are able to accept orders placed on Master Card, Visa, and American Express. If you include the following information along with your order, we can accept them by phone or FAX NAME (as it appears on the card); ADDRESS; CHARGE CARD NUMBER; EXPIRATION DATE; 3 DIGIT SECURITY NUMBER ON THE BACK, DAYTIME PHONE NUMBER; and, of course, the items you would like to order. You can use our HOTLINE 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week for placing orders only. All you have to do is call us at any time of the day or night. 403.230.0810

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST ITEMS IN THE MAIL. BUYER MUST TAKE ANY PROBLEMS, LOST, STOLEN, or DAMAGED ITEMS TO CANADA POST. If you are interested in an item and do not see it on our site Call us for an HONEST OPINION....It's FREE To assure your purchase please phone the shop for accurate inventory counts.

Please note that not all items maybe in stock.

Telephone: (403) 230-0810

Email: Brent AT


have a very good proposal....but u need to
1. put email where u click on it and transfers
2. store set up...baskets
3. halloween is 6.9 billion...2x more than selling out costumes...but can say half price
4. canada post offering half off shipments
5. my moms friend ...katz...oilers rexall wants invest and i need ur help at either partners or commision
6. front store and black ...halloween...biggest time for practical jokes and magic
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