Don't hesitate to buy items off of Vanishing Rabbit Brent. It's waste of your time to even hesitate. He will make sure that you're 100% happy with costumer service. Not only he's a kind and honest seller, for us Canadian folks, this is a great website for you to order items without worrying about USD rate neither customs charge.
I myself and my college club, Juggling club at NAIT, have ordered total of more than a thousand dollar from Vanishing Rabbit. I definitely recommend it!

I would highly recommend the Vanishing Rabbit and Brent the owner. He is always willing to show you a trick and offer suggestions. He was willing to put on a small workshop for a group of 4H Kids that are doing a magic project in the 4H club this year. This workshop taught the kids a bunch of tricks and gave them al the supplies needed for a very nominal price. A great shop to visit anytime I am in Calgary with my kids.

Hey Brent!
I wanted to congratulate you on the store and its growth over the years.
Recently I have had a few TV interviews in Saskatchewan and I have been promoting your store as my original source and you as my favourite magician.
Many Saskatchewan people travel to Calgary Brent and I hope inspiring Saskatchewan magicians find you as I once did.

I recently purchased that Thayer rapping hand from you. I already had one in green on a board but couldn't resist.

I'm very impressed with the service so far. You guys get stuff shipped quick !

I collect items related to spiritualism and spirit communication. I have a rather large collection of spirit trumpets, ouija boards, planchettes etc. I am constantly buying so if you have any items I may have over looked on your site or any leads I would greatly appreciated.

"I've been in lot of Magic shops all over Canada and the USA and I think you have the Best magic shop. You care about what you carry and nice to see that you dont carry alot of the S*** from India and China. You have a good assortment of new and vintage magic for sale on you shelves. You have fans in Winnipeg".
i love your store it is one of best magic shops in the world just amazing
Your online ordering system is awesome! Thank you!
I placed my order on Dec 21, requested shipping to my work place, and by the time I returned to work after the Stat holidays on Dec 28, my order was received that same day -- very impressed with your efficient service!

-- My very impatient son is very happy with the magic tricks he ordered -- "Tagged" & "Identity".

And thank-you for the box of chocolates enclosed!
Brent...You suggested "Any Signed Card to any Spectators Wallet" and boy you were not kidding. THIS IS A MUST for any close up worker and will also find alternate uses in my stage show. A fantastic device that will get anyone's creative juices flowing!
Thank you for sending me the free stuff awhile back .It was not needed as I still think you guys are the best to deal with in Canada and have the best prices but it was appreciated. Have a great day .