The customer service could not be better, mix that in with the amazing site and forum. The only advice I can give someone if they are looking for magic is to stop by the vanishing rabbit, and pick up a item or two... or ten.
Thanks..... the balloons arrived just in time for tomorrows gig! Flawless Dude.
Love your shop.. wish I could go to Calgary and shop there more often.
I was MORE than pleased with the quality of your products as well as your superior service. Your products, as I said, are excellent, but I think what sold me more on remaining a customer of yours, is the way you treat your customers, with respect and help when asked..........I am retired now and have more time to spend practising and tuning my performances and look forward to purchasing more items from you.
This is the only "Brick and Mortar" Magic shop in the city. It is among the best businesses in Calgary in terms of customer service. The online ordering system is smooth and efficient as well. Pricing is also extremely competitive. Brent Smith (the owner) and his employees are very good at guaging the experience of the magician and provide adequate advice and know the best tricks for the experience level. They are also good for providing advice on magic that is not worth purchasing no matter the level of magician. I recommend stopping by this place and picking up an item or two.
Wow I loved this store; it was like every fibre of my eight year came alive as soon as I entered this shop.

First of all there was this tiny carousel of magic gags that greeted me, plastic zippies with instruction on your "Floating Eyeball" and your "Squirting Lit Cigarette" ... I was squealing inside.

There was an amazing library of magic books and tricks, and quite an impressive DVD section on "How to" from the very best in the field.

There were juggling pins, ropes that you could cut and then magically lengthen, there were rubber rats and fake pet puke to fool your friends, assistant costumes and masks, and face paint. There were even colourful wigs and oversized clown shoes. It was all so delightful.

The worker was so absorbed in pleasing his customer and they were having quite a serious conversation about fake thumbs and there were many sizes to choose from mind you. They both were sharing jargon, dropping names and exchanging trick ideas. I was so silently impressed.

Then the thang really kicking were all the magical boxes and magic hats, you know... to hide the doves, and to cut someone's hand off, or to hide that playing card. I was just reeling in 8 year old excitement, are the things on the top shelves revealing all the secrets of tricks I had seen as a child. I had to literally turn away I just didn't want to know it was not real!

If I had more time I would have spent it in here, lavishing at all the gags and magic kits but my adult self had errands to do.

If you want anything magical, The Vanishing Rabbit is the place
Your customer service is top notch. Even over the phone you help and assist your loyal customers the best you can, as if We where right there in your store.

Thank you the attention you give your customers is appreciated and sorely missing from most online transactions