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Eight Brass Monkeys - Leslie Anderson

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SOFTBOUND. 1982 first edition. by ANDERSON, LESLIE (wife of Harry Anderson).

This is a perfect, mint example of this rare booklet by Harry Anderson's wife and performing partner. The booklet was published in 1982 by the famous Left-Handed League. It contains 8 routines and ideas (not sure why they are Brass Monkeys, but I guess a brass monkey is a good thing, because they are good!) Some examples: A spectator names any card, and is tossed a deck that was purchased at a children's yard sale. Spectator reads the price sticker on the deck... it is 27 cents. He counts down to the 27th card and finds his freely thought of card.

Or a simple but effective divination of a time on a pocket watch. Or how about a quick and easy two-person code that you and your assitant could work a day after practicing it. It allows the mentalist to duplicate a three digit number freely written by the spectator. Also included are some excellent tips on handling the famous Tossed Out deck routine, to make each spectator believe you are getting their card, and all spectators believing that the cards are different. Great psychology in this patter/routine. These Brass Monkeys will get your own imagination and ideas flowing. They are straight-forward, practical, and easily adapted to different themes and performing styles. This booklet is one of the lost gems of magic! Don't miss the chance to add it to your library.

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