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Sex Sells - Lee Asher

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In 1998 I had the pleasure of attending the Porn-Dex Convention where I performed for some of the most influential people in the Adult Cinema industry.

While I was there, I snapped some photos. I placed these photos into this booklet for your amusement. As well as great scenery, there are some very sharp concepts in here.

Imagine throwing the deck in the air so it separates and you can see the faces of all the cards. Instantly the cards return to your hand completely squared - not one dropped!
The B.S. Control
You push the four aces square into separate parts of the deck. With one simple cut, all four aces are now on top. Learn this control in minutes; it's so easy, your grandmother can perform this!
Trey Sheik
Four aces begin on the table while four kings are in your hands. With a snap of the fingers, the four kings are now magically on the table, and the four aces are in your hands.
Gambler Vs. Card Punk
An amusing gambling story of an old gambler who tries to hustle a young man but ends up being hustled himself. The Frank 3-4-4 switch is taught in this routine, and that itself is completely worth the price of the whole booklet!
Various Ideas
These are three ideas that are proverbial 'seeds' for your creativity.

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